Introduce Aninda Pramanik

Hi Friends,

aninda kumar pramanik

                                        Aninda Pramanik

This is Aninda Pramanik (Mimu). I am a simple and funny boy. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2008. I am a student of National University in Zoology Department. I like to play Badminton, Cricket and watch Movie. Now I introduce my career and aim: Google is my Boss.

I thing, Google plays with us every moment, so I like to play Google with every time. So what is my ability? I think, Aninda Pramanik is an expert with all parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Strategy, Online Marketing, Branding and Promotion. Top Organic Rank is my main goal.

So we build a company “GlobalWebCircle“. We are 5 members in the team, they are Shovon, Sowrav, Chaple, Atanu and ME.

As a team member of “GlobalWebCircle” I am really happy to stay with this team and I like to spend my whole life with our company. Trust is the main achievement of GlobalWebCircle, mind it!

NEXT I introduce our Company…


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